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An extremely effective remedy Propecia to treat baldness

Propecia - a drug, second in popularity among men except Viagra. This is an extremely effective tool intended for the treatment of male pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia that is shaped. Propecia is the only one of its kind drug that is approved by the Administration Food and Drug Administration of the USA.

A few years conducted clinical trials of the drug Propecia. These studies, as well as the fact that millions of men all over the world successfully and efficiently use Propecia tablets prove that the drug is not only effective against baldness, but is safe for health. The active ingredient of the drug Propecia - finasteride long time stimulates hair growth and resists loss. This substance has a side effect - its application may affect the sexual function of men, however, this effect was observed only in 5% of patients, and with the end of the treatment process, it completely disappeared.

This drug (medication) is produced in the form of tablets, each containing 1 mg of active substance - finasteride. Typically, Propecia octagonal tablets buy, coated pale brown. In principle, however, they may also have a slightly different design, as are produced in different plants in different countries.

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Using Propecia formulation gives excellent results and is recovered as a hair growth on the crown, and the area of ​​bald patches on her forehead, which are usually treated only with difficulty. Although different patients when using this drug are obtained different results, but still more than 60% of men instead of the lost hair has grown a large number of new, in the remaining scalp recovered fully, or even increased compared to the normal level. And instead of the fallen grow perfectly normal, healthy hair, and not some fluff. In the most severe cases of alopecia patients applying Propecia, retain at least the amount of hair that have been at the start of treatment. In any case, balding man who uses Propecia is a drug buy, has a high chance to regain a thick head of hair.

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