Main Advantages of Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle is a vehicle ideally suited for transportation, both in modern megacities, small cities, and also for trips outside the city.

mini electric car

The main “pluses” of cars with electric motors:

  • very economical
  • no harmful emissions, no harm to the environment
  • the electric motor has an efficiency of up to 90-95% compared to 22-42% for gasoline (diesel)
  • less noise
  • possibility of recharging from the household electrical network (sockets)

The power reserve of most modern electric vehicles is from 100 to 200 km.
The optimum speed is from 50 km / h to 120 km / h (on average).

electric car tour

Vehicles on electric motors have long ceased to be a novelty. Electric cars, which are represented in large numbers at car dealerships in Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin and other cities, are now less and less likely to be on the stage of the concept and more often go into mass production.

Electric cars – an example of the transition of technology to a new stage of development. The modernity is such that now you can easily buy an electric car for every taste.

important electric car

Recently, more and more customers in car dealerships, are convinced of the advantage of transport on an electric motor over standard transport:

  1. small size
  2. no harm to the environment
  3. noiseless driving
  4. low weight, in comparison with traditional cars
  5. service life of components

We listed only some of the advantages of such cars, which are rightly called the transport of the future.

A clear indicator of the growth of their popularity is the emergence of a large number of new manufacturers of “Electric Vehicles”.

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