Why electric car?

Evaluate the convenience and economy of a car without a traditional engine – rent a car. And come to the test drive in the auto-salon of your city!

BMW i3

What is an electric car?

It’s a car running on electricity. Quiet, fast and absolutely harmless transport is a future that surely becomes real.
In the assortment on the world market, the popular models of electric cars are presented: NISSAN LEAF, TESLA, NISSAN E-NV 200, SEGWAY, BMW i3, MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class

How do I charge?
Electric cars are charged from an ordinary outlet. You do not pay for “fuel”!
Twice as fast – the electric car can be charged in one of the network of gas stations, distributed in the USA, Canada, Europe, China.
For your convenience, you can order an individual charging station!

economy car

Electrocar is economical

Buying an environmentally friendly car quickly pays off due to significant savings. You no longer need to pay:

for gasoline;
for oils and filters;
for expensive vehicle inspections;

Help nature (PLANET) – buy an electric car!

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